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The Veneer Process

Complimentary Smile Tryout

Hand Crafted Smile Tryout
A Smile Tryout is a service we provide for our patients that are seeking veneers, it’s a great way for you to see your smile transformation and decide if veneers are the right option for you.

It is complimentary and performed during or following your consultation visit, so there is no guess work, and with the Smile Tryout you get to see your new smile, and best of all you can go home with it for one day to show your family and friends if you choose to do so.

Think of it as a test-run, with temporary veneers it gives you the opportunity to show your friends and family and the visual comfortability to critique the size, shape, and color until it is exactly right, thus eliminating any guess work.

The Smile Try Out process takes less than an hour and is completely painless and causes no damage to your natural teeth. Once we scan your smile we will design your new smile, then we will gently lay a mockup version of your new smile over top of your natural teeth. The mockup version, also known as “temporaries,” are a thin layer of tooth colored material made of a plastic composite that mimics the appearance of natural teeth. We then take an impression with your personal modifications and start the process of making your porcelain veneers, designed specifically for you.

Smile Tryout is a perfect solution for your smile makeover, you explore many different options, different looks so you are never surprised.

The picture below is an example of a Smile Tryout with the instant transformation of a smile within 30 minutes.
Color Selection
When evaluating the color of your teeth, we examine how closely matched your upper and lower teeth appear. Your teeth should complement your hair, skin, and eye color.

The shade of your Porcelain Veneers varies from BL1 which is considered the super white and BL4 which is four shades darker.

Choosing the right shade will depend on your preference, so we go through the process of showing you all the shades available until you are happy with our shade recommendation.
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The Tryout VISIT
Think of it as a rehearsal visit, we place the temporary veneers that we created from your Smile Tryout visit after minimal reshaping of your natural teeth.

Any changes needed will be done at this time, or on subsequent visits before final crafting of your permanent veneers as deemed necessary. You will get to go home with those temporary veneers and test drive them for 7-10 days, during this period of 7-10 days you may request further changes or enhancements of your new smile, which we will be happy to do, after all our goal is give you a beautiful smile that you will love.
The Tyrin Visit & or Final Visit
It is during this visit is when we unveil your new smile, this is done by removing your temporary veneers and placing the new porcelain veneers, only upon your approval that we cement them permanently, during the process minor adjustments and shade alteration can be done prior to final cementation. On this visit we can go ahead and seat the veneers permanently or place a new set of temporaries until the necessary changes are done to the porcelain veneers.
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Different Smiles

Different Faces
Aggressive: These are recommended for men as well as women that wish to show a strong personality, these entail robust teeth that are square, round central, and lateral incisors with a gentle curve or almost straight canines.

Dominant: These are for those that wish to show signs of dominance, these entail square and round central incisors, with rounded far corners of the lateral incisors that are placed slightly higher than the central incisors and a sharp pointed canine.

Enhanced: This smile fits females that seek a perfect looking smile, mostly picked by females in beauty pageants as well as engage in photo-op sessions. These entail slightly rounded edges of both central and lateral incisors with the lateral incisors slightly shorter than the central incisors, and canines that are blunt and pointed.

Focused: If you like to show a determined focused look, these entail a similar smile to an Enhanced Style without rounded edges.

Functional: Like the Enhanced smile but canines are more pointed.

Hollywood Style: This is one of the most sought-after smile makeovers amongst males, it shows off your full smile without being excessively aggressive, it is like the Aggressive Smile but with shorter lateral incisors.

Mature: Like the Aggressive smile, with a more pointed canine.

Natural: Smile with panache, like the Enhanced smile but with more aggressive pointed canines.

Oval: Like Aggressive smile but softer more round or oval incisors and canines.

Softened: Like the Oval Smile but less pronounced curvature of the edges of the teeth.

Vigorous: Show off your vigor, like the Aggressive Smile, but canines more pronounced and protruding into the oral cavity.

Youthful: This young and youthful smile combines the pronounced protruding canines of the Vigorous smile and the slight rounding Oval Smiles.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We Create gorgeous smiles
How Much Do You Charge Per Tooth?
At Simply Veneers we do things different, if you want to get an approximate fee for your smile makeover, just click this link and upload a picture of your smile and you will get a video from our doctor with his recommendations and an approximate fee.
Veneers will not damage teeth , however there will be minimal reshaping of the teeth before we place most veneers to remove any irregularities or bulges of your natural teeth otherwise we can’t enhance your smile, but the reshaping is minimal (less than 1 mm). Occasionally we will not reshape your teeth at all, when we place the prep-less veneers.
We have many different types of materials used, composite EMAX Feldspathic, or Zirconia, the doctor will recommend which material best serve the clinical situation.
Veneers are resilient, so breakage is not common issue with veneers if placed properly and the basic rules of veneers are followed.
This will be determined by your aesthetic doctor after he explains the pros and cons of each type of veneer.
Veneers could last for 15-20 years easily, at Simply Veneers we veneers placed for over 25 years and still look beautiful.
Before we do any treatment we will do a Smile Tryout , the smile test run is complimentary and is done by placing tooth colored material on your teeth, you can go home with it for one day, and only after you like your new smile treatment will commence.
The process of veneers requires 2 – 3 visits and could be all done within 7-10 days.
Teeth reshaping prior to placement of veneers is done with local anesthesia, so there in pain involved, we also have Nitrous Oxide available if needed at no additional fee.
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